Talent Program in GERMANY for NURSES & more Healthcare Professionals from Latin America, Asia, Europe and Namibia

Gain work experience in Germany as a Healthcare Professional in a German hospital - in a full-time employment

So far, CAPITALENT MEDICAL has helped more than 1000 professional nurses from Latin America, Asia, Europe and Namibia find a job in a German hospital to gain valuable work experience and develop their know-how in the care area.

If you are from one of these countries & interested as well, please read the following information:




  • I have successfully completed my bachelor’s degree in nursing or am graduating soon
  • I have already gained first working experience in the care area (not administrative), as part of my studies
  • I am interested in gaining professional work experience in Germany for at least two years
  • I speak English on an intermediate level (because Interviews will be conducted in English)
  • I would love to get to know another country and culture and I am willing to learn German intensively
  • I am passionate about my work as a nurse
  • I am hard working, committed & a good team player


The free program


  • Free 7-11 months of intensive German language course
  • Free transfer to Germany
  • Full-time employment (well paid & treated) @ a renowned hospital in Germany
  • Preparation of the recognition of the title in Germany
  • Valuable experience by gaining an insight in one of the best health care systems worldwide
  • Personal support during the entire administrative process (visa, certificates, health insurance, registrations) & beyond:
  • accommodation, bank account, orientation in the new environment, information and integration into social life





  1. I‘ve read the information and pre-requirements
  2. My profile meets the pre-requirements
  3. I send my Curriculum Vitae (CV) + my graduation certificate (if already available) to


from Colombia to ak@capitalent-medical.com

from Namibia to  ab@capitalent-medical.com

from Costa Rica to ls@capitalent-medical.com

from Mexico to fk@capitalent-medical.com

from Argentina to fk@capitalent-medical.com

from Thailand to ab@capitalent-medical.com

from Ecuador to ak@capitalent-medical.com

from Malaysia to jc@capitalent-medical.com

from Brazil to ab@capitalent-medical.com

from Vietnam to aa@capitalent-medical.com

from Chile to ls@capitalent-medical.com


Please note: You can also apply if you are a MIDWIFE or a SURGICAL ASSISTANT with a bachelor’s degree :)




  • You will receive an e-mail from us (please be patient)
  • If your application was successful you can expect an invitation for a first interview and all next steps. First interviews will be conducted via Skype on a rolling basis.





CAPITALENT MEDICAL: a very committed team with a long history, founded in 2012 and located in Frankfurt Germany. So far, we were able to help more than 1000 health care professionals from around the world to find a well-paid and fair treated job in Germany.


We help you in every challenging situation along the way!


  • Cooperation partners & clients: renowned German hospitals
  • Team: intercultural specialists and qualified language teachers, of all nationalities
  • Values: Future orientation, empathy, reliability and professionalism for a better intercultural cooperation


We are happy to receive your application!