About Us

Our Approach

We take this great opportunity seriously for both health care professionals and providers by genuinely caring and wholly supporting the people we work with. Our goal is to create meaningful long-term solutions – fully customized to the professionals’ individual needs, potentials and desires while fulfilling our partner hospitals’ explicit staffing requirements.

CAPITALENT MEDICAL is the bridge between German health care providers and competent health care professionals from around the world.

This bridge is strong and sturdy – built on our long-term expertise in successfully recruiting international professionals into the German health care sector by leveraging our many highly valued partners in Germany and abroad.

This bridge allows both sides to meet and understand one another easily and trustfully. We carefully match each of our professionals to the best possible positions for them. In this we arrange for expedient and successful encounters and bring together partnerships that provide the best value added to both sides.

Crossing bridges that lead to distant unknown places requires courage. We understand this and make sure that when international professionals are ready to take that journey, we are by their side to guide and support them every step of the way.