For German Health Care Providers

Health care providers rely on sufficiently staffed teams that are highly qualified and committed in order to succeed in their responsibilities.

We make it our commitment to match you with specialized, highly qualified workers who are passionate, committed and competent. We also organize the right staffing arrangement for your needs, including both personnel leasing and direct personnel placement. Quality comes first – for you and for us.

  • We really care about the people we meet, supporting them personally throughout the whole process including cultural orientation to help with the integration.
  • From the first interview, conducted by professionals with relevant health care background, we ensure a high quality of the candidates’ competences.
  • To help the candidates reach a proficient German language level, we are willing to invest in advance into their education.
  • Plus, we will conduct on your behalf all legal and administrative steps necessary in the integration process.

With our years of experience in hospital routines as well as in the national and international placement of healthcare professionals, we know exactly what matters most to you and your company. We pride ourselves on our thorough assessment of our professional’s motivation and potential – selecting candidates who are going to be successful for you. We take the time to understand the specific education systems in our partner countries as well as their cultural differences. By working closely with you and the candidates, we aim to achieve successful integration into their new work and also social environment. We understand how crucial an employee’s happiness at both work and private life is to the long-term success of a rewarding career.

Our candidates are not only recognized for their technical expertise, but also considered particularly reliable and highly motivated. The fact that our professionals are committed to the challenge of learning a new language and moving to foreign countries in order to work in their desired profession attests to this.

We support our professionals throughout their career in Germany by providing the necessary foundation for a successful, long-term work relationship. These include…

  • Thoroughly interviewing and screening the applicants
  • Ensuring the necessary technical expertise and professional standards
  • Ensuring a sufficient language qualification
  • Performing the process of professional recognition
  • Preparing for social and cultural integration
  • Offering personalized life-skills support, such as securing accommodation, registration, banking and other necessities and needs.

We will be happy to discuss your individual requirements and find both the right plan and partner countries that will create the best added value for you.

For more information on what we can do for you, please contact:


Andreas Grieser
T +49 69 269 2356-55

Carolina Martinez
T +49 69 269 2356-56

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