Our History

Two things lead to the foundation of CAPITALENT MEDICAL: The social responsibility we feel and a riddle begging to be solved.

Even though Spain is separated from the rest of Europe by “only” the Pyrenees mountain range, why do so few, well-trained Spanish professionals make the journey across the range into the job markets in Germany successfully?

An answer to this riddle would solve two pressing problems at once:

  1. the immense lack of skilled workers in Germany, especially in the health care sector and
  2. the high unemployment in Spain, crippling to many young Spaniards careers.

Actual travel between Spain and Germany is easy and cheap. So what makes overcoming the figurative border so difficult? What are the real challenges that German hospitals face when trying to recruit internationally? Likewise, what are the challenges that international professionals face when looking for employment in Germany? And how can we remove these challenges?

The answers to these questions became CAPITALENT MEDICAL.

We have developed a system for a sustainable and rewarding immersion and integration of international professionals into the German health care system through hard fieldwork, many trials and expansive personal contacts with employers, job seekers, and administrative authorities.

We have found that – besides other challenges including the required specialized knowledge, the cultural and social integration, the job certification process, and a multitude of legal and administrative stipulations and requirements – mastering the German language seems to be the hardest challenge for most international professionals, but also the most important requirement for a successful career start and integration in Germany.

Professionals and hospitals that choose not to first invest in overcoming the language challenge often end up unhappy and dissatisfied with their situations. A relatively short time investment (6 months) by the professionals significantly improves their lifetime opportunities for successful and satisfying job matches and social integration. This investment requires our professionals to invest their time and effort and our partner hospitals to provide financial investment; we will then take care of everything else.

As our current bridge achieves growing success, we used our experience and knowledge to expand the bridge to skilled workers from non-EU (European Union) countries. But even with the additional countries, we still operate with the same founding principle in mind: To guide global health care professionals to the right job for them in Germany by creating long-term opportunities instead of focusing on short-term results.