First "Tica" commences work at hospital in Germany

Studied nurse from Costa Rica forges ahead shortly after arriving

For over seven years the team of Capitalent Medical has been enabling international nurses to gain professional experience at German hospitals and health care facilities. In 2019 graduates of nursing universities from Costa Rica were also able to apply for the first time. One of the 15 selected candidates who arrived in Germany in July was Kim. Recently, the 27-year-old Tica (Costa Rican) was the first of the group to work at the hospital.

August 2020

“The personal interviews with the applicants had taken place locally in Costa Rica in February 2020 prior to the worldwide travel restrictions were imposed,” reported Leydi Sanchez, Project Manager Capitalent Medical, back in summer. “At that occasion, we also met Kim for the first time in Costa Rica. In addition to her professional skills, she convinced us particularly with her sincere personality and her high eagerness to learn as well as her motivation to expand her horizons abroad”, Sanchez said now.

On top of that, there was a special story of the healthcare professional: She had already been studying German on her own several months before applying to Capitalent Medical. A self-initiative brought about by another firm, with which she – due to lack of support by the company – did not advance.

“Since all the prerequisites were met, her German language skills already incredibly advanced, and she absolutely wanted to work at a hospital in Germany, we drew up an individual plan for her,” explains Sanchez. “Just under four weeks after her arrival in Germany, she passed the B2 exam and shortly thereafter completed her job interview with the nursing directorate of a renowned hospital in Karlsruhe just as successfully”.


What an achievement!


About Capitalent Medical: The company was founded in 2012 by the physician Dr. Tilman Frank in Frankfurt. Graduates of renowned nursing universities from ten countries, including countries in Latin America, Southern Africa, South-East Asia and Europe, can apply for the talent program. The team enable the selected candidates to take a free intensive German language course, supported by a monthly scholarship, at one of 16 language schools worldwide or at their own language school sprachtalent® in Frankfurt and to subsequently find a suitable job at a German hospital.