Fun and Creativity: Great innovations in our SPRACHTALENT class

Learners from Italy presented their newest inventions

April 2018

Accessing the internet through “tree-fi”? Cotton buds to clean your reading glasses? What is a rosette toilet?

Our language class participants from Italy presented these innovations in their German class last week. They had been tasked to design a new product and to present it to the CAPITALENT MEDICAL team – with great success! The students from Italy uncovered endless creative potential and passion for their newly designed objects. One invention was, for example, to be able to grow a tree wherever you go and access free wifi through it: a tree-fi. You think it takes too long to grow a tree? No way, we can make it happen overnight!

Or for those among us who wear glasses: you have surely had to deal with fogged up glasses when entering from the cold outside into a nice warm house or when trying to enjoy your nice hot coffee?! Then you need to try the new reading glasses by Brilliant! It cleans its own glasses automatically – with cotton buds!

The last group presented an amazing new toilet: after you have done your business, it can also wash and blow dry! If you already know you will need a bit longer, you can also plug in other electronic devices to pass the time. And it automatically notifies you when your toilet paper is running low!

The exercise was led by our committed teacher Tamara Podrosa. It proves how one can learn German up to B1 level within only a few months and how much fun you can have in the process of learning a language together with others!