Ann-Kathrin Löbe

Project Manager sprachtalent® pflege,
an expert in phonetics, and a teacher of German as a foreign language

She brings to our sprachtalent team not only her competencies but also a tranquil persistency coupled with tons of great ideas. Thus, this is absolutely the right place for her! She has vast experiences in teaching German as a foreign language to different types of students – from academics to alphabetization. Her specialty though lies in the field of pronounciation – only by doing it right people can understand and be understood. But not only does she work for our own language school sprachtalent, she also works on our language app sprachtalent® pflege by refining it didactically and by adding more content to it. She is also the one to contact when our app users have any kind of questions while training their language proficiency for working in German hospitals.

When she is not thinking about the German language, she is dancing through life, climbs up hills, does yoga, or travels the world.


T +49 69 269 2356-65