Eva Kuschnerus

Project Manager sprachtalent®

She has always viewed international contacts as a personal enrichment. Thus, she has always sought cultural exchanges through multiple stays overseas, from an entire year working abroad with disabled people, to multiple study semesters in France and her volunteer work with refugees. Her love for linguistics, her creativity, and her enthusiasm for new contents are just as contagious as her heartfelt laughter.

Her linguistic knowledge and her unbridled willingness to learn makes her a great projectmanager to the CAPITALENT MEDICAL sprachtalent® team. Here, she is responsible for the development and revision of our app “sprachtalent pflege”, for which she has intensively been immersed into the work routines of clinical staff.

When she is not preparing educational material for our language learning system, she lends her voice to a choir and enjoys playing the violin.


T:  +49 69 269 2356-65

E:  eva.kuschnerus@capitalent-medical.com