Jana Jarck

Junior Project Manager

For her the world is a place of infinite discoveries. That’s why she – even at her young age – has traveled to many countries and joined great projects. Her broad horizon is based not only on her “Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy & Economics”, but also on a year abroad in Argentina, her volunteer work in Chile, a semester abroad in South Africa and a six-month internship in Bali. In addition, she’s supporting the European Youth Parliament since 2014 on a voluntary basis.

If you hear a hearty laugh within the CAPITALENT MEDICAL team, she can’t be far. With her balanced attitude, she manages to turn even the most stressful situations into positive ones. She co-supervises several of our language courses, supports the project managers in communicating with the German health institutions and our candidates with appointments at the authorities or any other matters after their arrival in Germany.

When she is not helping to furnish the new apartments of our talents, she enjoys a cup of freshly brewed coffee on the market or calls it a day with a cozy cooking evening with friends.


T:  +49 69 269 2356-51

E:  jana.jarck@capitalent-medical.com