Lara Winterstein

Working student

As a tutor at TU Darmstadt she teaches prospective students, who came to Germany as refugees, how to write research papers. This activity reflects her deep interest in people as does her (soon to be achieved) teaching degree in biology and philosophy. During her time abroad in Warsaw and while volunteering in Bali as an English teacher for children aged five to thirteen, she realized: The people’s personal development and education is something very dear to her heart.

She first joined CAPITALENT MEDICAL as an internee contributing significantly to the development of the new “body scenario” for the language app “sprachtalent pflege”. With her empathy and calmness she fits perfectly into the team, which she continues to support now as a working student.

When she is not helping to prepare our talents for their language exams, she loves to swim, draw, or take the neighbor’s dog for a walk.